S.L.T. (School Leadership Team)

What is the School Leadership Team?

The School Leadership Team (SLT) at P.S. 182Q is our school-based group that works together to determine the school's educational direction. The comprises representatives from parents, school administration, staff, and teachers. They meet at least once a month, and determine the structure for school-based planning and shared decision-making. The core responsibility of the SLT is to develop and review the school's Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP). Together this team works collaboratively to make decisions regarding the school's educational programs and their impact on student achievement. SLTs are strongly encouraged to solicit input from various school community constituencies in order to ensure that all voices are heard regarding the needs of students.

Why would you want to know about the discussions and decisions being made at the SLT meetings?

The SLT makes decisions that will directly impact your child's education at P.S. 182Q

How do I give my concerns to the SLT?

You can seek out a parent representative on the SLT to voice your concerns. The SLT does not discuss individuals at their meetings. The SLT discusses the broader issues of the educational programs at P.S.182Q and any concerns associated with the CEP.

How do I join my school’s SLT? Parent members of an SLT are nominated by the school’s PA/PTA.


SLT Members for 2016- 2017
Heidi Yupe Parent
Brittany Weber Teacher
Jacqueline Loiacono Teacher
Andrew Topol Principal
Evelyn Paulino Parent
Kathy Minelli Teacher & Chair
Tapash Kumar Saha Parent
Juana Rosales - Parent
Martha Martinez Parent & PTA Treasurer
Griselda Martinez Parent & PTA President
Karina Gonzalez Parent
Mary Ahern Teacher
Elena Callirgos School Assessment Team


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