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Dear Families,

We are heading into the last leg of the school year and the children have worked very hard to make strides in all subject areas. We are looking forward to Parent Teacher Conferences this month and working with you to finish a successful year with your child. Please continue to work with us in helping your children do the best they can. Our team effort means everything to your child’s education. We thank you for your help this year so far!


First Grade Teachers

Parent/Teacher Conferences: Thursday, March 15th, 2018 – 12:30-2:30 or 4:30-7:30PM


In Reading Workshop, children are working on Fluency, Phonics, and Comprehension. We are reinforcing our reading strategies again in this unit in order to become stronger readers and will continue for the rest of the month. Some strategies that we are strengthening are looking at the picture, chunking the parts of the word, and looking at the ending sounds, trying the vowels many ways, and thinking about what would make sense.

We are also reinforcing partnership talk by stopping at the first sign of trouble and fixing the problem using many strategies during partner reading. When students are rereading these books to their partners, they are working towards a meaningful discussion by using the partner prompts as reminders.


We started our Poetry and Songs unit for writing. We are using our poet’s eye to see ordinary objects in extraordinary new ways and putting our words, ideas, and images into our poems. Children are writing about BIG feelings to help them create meaningful poetry. We can write poems about things we love by thinking about people we love, places we have gone, and things that we love.

Poetry writers generate ideas by observing what is around them. The poetry unit allows students to be creative with juicy words, pop out words, sound words, and expressive language. As you walk around your neighborhood with your child, talk about what you see and how you can create poetry.


In Math we will be focusing on number games and story problems. We will continue to play a lot of Math Games to help students reinforce addition and subtraction strategies. This unit helps develop ideas about counting and quantity, the composition of numbers, and the operations of addition and subtractions. The children have been visualizing, retelling, and modeling the actions in additions and subtraction problems.





Please be sure to set aside a time for homework every day. Our children still need your help reading directions and completing their homework. Soon they will be able to do most of the homework assignments all on their own. Thank you for all your support while the children become independent readers.


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