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Reading News

The children in third grade have begun to work on test taking skills. They will learn how to read with stamina, mark up a text and answer questions related to different genres. Their ELA exam will be held on April 11 and 12. The children will read many different types of texts and discuss what to expect when we encounter them. The students will learn many strategies to help them answer multiple-choice questions as well!


Writing News

The children will become experts at writing short and extended responses. We will work on understanding the questions and make sure our response is complete and accurate. Similar to the literary essays the children must respond to a question and include two details from the texts that support their thinking. We’ve worked a lot on understanding the questions we need to answer in writing and also on making sure to include details that support our thinking.


Math News

We are studying fair shares and fractions on number lines. Students will understand that fractions are numbers that are a point on the number line. We will also think about fractions as part of an area using shapes and real-world contexts like brownies and pizza. We will think about fractions as distance points on a number line, using real world contexts such as walking down a block. Students will create equivalent fractions to demonstrate understanding of a whole, and a half. We will practice adding and subtracting fractions to a whole. At home talk about sharing things equally and how it relates to fractions. For example, a pizza pie is cut up into 8 equal pieces. Your family shares the pizza equally with four people. Everyone eats 2 slices. Each person has 2/8 of the pizza, which equals ¼ of the whole.


Content Literacy News

We are studying China by looking closely at the geography and culture of China. The children are focused on becoming experts on this topic by watching videos and reading lots of articles! The children will continue to learn new and exciting information through reading and deciphering complex texts together! We are working on deconstructing sentences and learning many new vocabulary words through word play.






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