Principal's Message

February, 2016

Dear P. S. 182 Families,

I hope that January has started off your 2016 on a wonderful note. While I have so much to share with you about what is going on at P. S. 182 and what is ahead, I'm tempted to just repeat one word over and over again in this letter: READ.

I discuss and write about reading every time I communicate with our families. And, of all things you could do to support your child’s academics, READING IS IT. The more reading a child does, the better the child does in school.

The time children spend reading in school is just not enough. Our children need to read as much as possible outside of school. Make reading central to life outside of school!

p Set aside extensive time for reading every day.

p Carry books everywhere.

p Pull out books to read when you have a few minutes of downtime.

p Read with your children, even the older ones.

p Read and talk about books. If English is an issue, read and talk in any language!

p Let your children see that reading is important to you, by talking about it and showing them that you read too!

As an additional support and resource, we are continuing to provide online reading resources. If you do not know your Raz-Kids and Reading A-Z log-in information, contact your teacher. If you do not use these, check them out!

Before the February break, every student will receive information about another online support we are adding, I-Ready. These are short passages and questions. The I-Ready program provides guidance and feedback to the children. The program adjusts supports depending on the responses of the children. There is a Spanish version of I-Ready, as well.

So, read, read, read! Children who read a lot will do better. Children who do not read a lot will do worse. I am not only a principal and teacher, I am a father of three. What I preach in school, I practice at home. I know how hard it is. I know that your days are so stretched and our time limited. But, focusing on reading will make all the difference!

As you know, strengthening student awareness and cognitive engagement is P. S. 182's‚ big goal for this school year. We want our students actively making choices about what they do. They not only need to know what they are doing, they need to know the reasons why they are doing it. And the children must be the ones to make decisions about their learning and work!

Ask your children about their work in reading, writing, and mathematics. They should be answering with specific details. Ask them to explain and to show you. And, ask why they are choosing to work on these things.

At P. S. 182, we nurture the minds as well as the hearts of our children. Our PBIS program recognizes and rewards positive behaviors, P. S. 182 ROCKS behavior: Respect, Our best effort, Cooperation, Kindness, and Safety. Children earn Tiger Tickets when we see ROCKS. Ask your children what they did to rock and earn Tiger Tickets!

Over the next few years, the Department of Education (DOE) is bringing the Breakfast in the Classroom program to all schools. This is a mandated program, which every school must implement as directed by the DOE. The P. S. 182 88th Ave. building has been selected to start, now. Starting on February 22, for children in the 88th Ave. building only, breakfast will be offered in the classrooms. This is free to all, but children do not have to eat breakfast in school. While we will continue to open our school doors at 7:30 every morning, we will serve breakfast in the classrooms, not in the 88th Ave. cafeteria. Please see the attached letter for further explanation.

Please make sure to arrange any travel during school breaks. Any school time the children miss will impact them. Please do not ask P. S. 182 for permission to take your children out of school, as we cannot give it. If you are traveling for an extended time during school days, please contact the main office ahead of time to let us know and to provide required documentation.

Here are some key upcoming dates to keep in mind.

PTA Meeting February 9
School Closed: February Recess February 13-21 (School reopens on Monday, February 22.)
Family Morning March 21, 22, 23 (Notices about specifics to come after the break.)
Parent-Teacher Conferences & Report Cards March 3
School Closed: Good Friday March 25
New York State ELA exams (grades 3-5) April 5-7
New York State Mathematics exams (grades 3-5) April 13-15
School Closed: Spring Recess April 24-May 1 (School reopens on Monday, May 2.)
Last Day of School June 28


Thank you for your support and involvement! We look forward to a wonderful spring! And, please make reading a priority!

Most sincerely,
Andrew Topol

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