5th Grade

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We are now into our testing season. Please make sure you practice our best habits by completing homework, going to bed early, and eating nutritious meals throughout the day.

Reading And Writing

In ELA, we have embarked on our test taking unit. We are reviewing and practicing best habits to read and write about complex texts. We are learning how to code a text, read it multiple times with different lenses, and annotate the text about major reading elements.

We are learning strategies to unpack questions, go back to the text for details, and ensure that we have answered all necessary parts.

We are answering multiple choice questions, and writing short and extended responses.


In math, we are continuing our work on calculations with decimals. We are utilizing grids to help us to visualize the parts of a whole. We have been learning to say the decimal, write in decimal notation, and figure out the size of different decimals. We are learning how to add and subtract decimals, along with how to compare decimals. Please make sure you log online to practice these skills at home!

Content Literacy

In content literacy, we are continuing our immigration unit. We are continuing to explore the different waves of immigration and the impact it has had on the United States. We are analyzing pictures, graphs, and watching real life videos to gather more information.






The following are some engaging websites for the whole family!

www.timeforkids.com Search ‘Food and Nutrition’ for interesting articles.

http://www.foodsafetynews.com Keep up with current nutrition news.

http://www.nourishinteractive.com Learn about nutrition with games, tools, and tips.

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