Physical Education


The Physical Education Program at P.S. 182 provides a curriculum that promotes health and wellness to all of our students. Students engage in activities that inspire a lifestyle that encourages fitness and nutrition.

Our students also gain exposure to various team sports which fosters the importance of working together as a team. Our goal is for each of our students to stay fit, stay healthy, and stay active throughout the course of their lives.



Hello Parents of P.S.182,

We have enjoyed watching the progress of your children over the past five months. Students have been working on improving their physical fitness levels by applying the physical fitness concepts they have learned. We are very excited to witness the growth in their aerobic endurance and their muscular strength over these past few months.

In January, we taught our students ways to improve their flexibility by introducing yoga. This month, our focus will be about developing healthy eating habits by providing students with various lessons on nutrition. Our lessons will be based on exercises and activities that will enhance student’s physical abilities and their knowledge in making healthier food choices. Please encourage your children to share what they learned and put the exercises and nutrition information to practice with family members.

Thank you for your continued support and we are looking forward to helping your child become more fit and healthy for life.

The Physical Education Teachers,

Mrs. Coniglio

Mr. Jellloe

Ms. Vance

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