School Policies


Student Attendance Policy

To help keep attendance strong and our records accurate:
·      Official school hours are 8:00am-2:20pm, with dismissal beginning at 2:10pm.  Students arriving after 8am are considered late.  
o   While all students arriving after 8:00 are considered late, students arriving after 8:05am will have to wait at the main security desk to receive a late pass before proceeding to class.  
o   Students at the Parsons Blvd. building must wait for all classes to leave the cafeteria and enter the main building before entering.
·      Late pick up is on the second floor of the Parsons building and in the first-floor classrooms of the 88th Ave. building.  Adults picking up students late must wait for all late students to arrive at designated locations and for the clearance of School Safety Officers before late-pick up may begin.
·      Send doctor’s notes or parent’s notes to your teacher when a child is absent from school.  
·      Try to make appointments after school hours or when school is not in session.
·      Schedule vacations to match breaks in the school calendar.
Educational neglect by a parent or person legally responsible for a child is considered to be the failure to ensure a child’s prompt and regular attendance in school or keeping a child out of school for impermissible reasons that negatively affect a child’s educational progress or present an imminent danger of such an adverse effect.  (Chancellor’s Regulation A-750)
Regular school attendance is extremely important and will be closely monitored. However, if your child is ill, he/she should remain at home until well.  If your child comes to the school ill, the school nurse will contact you. In some instances, you may be required to come to the school to pick up your child.


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