P. S. 182 Our Vision

P. S. 182 is dedicated to nurturing minds and hearts. We are nurturing minds and hearts of children in order to open endless doors of opportunity for them. We are preparing our children to make positive impacts on the worlds they enter, now and throughout their lives.

To do this, our children must own their learning experiences-academic, social, and emotional. They will understand what they do, not merely follow procedures and complete tasks. They will guide their own learning, not merely comply with rules and directions. Our children will be the driving forces in their education and development.

To do this, our children require the strong guidance, the encouragement, and the support of our entire school community. This entails a community of learning, one where everyone is constantly enhancing our ability to support our children. Professional development and studies are essential for our staff. Parents learning alongside their children and parent involvement in all aspects of P. S. 182 are integral to the success of our children.

Our thriving arts and science programs, our studies in constructivist mathematics, our studies across balanced literacy, these are not just content areas, but vehicles for broader lessons. Inquiry, understanding, application, communication, and reflection—these are the habits of mind we nurture and expect across our curricula. Development of lifelong traits of perseverance, independence, risk-taking, and respect are our goals. P. S. 182 is committed to life-long results for our children.

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