Mr. Meyers – Music February Newsletter:

Hello Parents/Guardians of PS 182Q:

I’m so excited to share with you the news of our growth in music for 2018. February is always a special time of the year where you start to see all the things we are learning come into play when the students are making music. They are performing at a higher level, understanding more about what they are doing and asking questions about how music works. Here is a grade by grade summary of what we are currently working on.

First Grade - We are continuing with our Music and the Brain piano program and it is a great success. Students are developing the motor skills that piano players use in their first steps of playing the instrument. We’ve covered a wide range of songs from all parts of the world and have enjoyed performing for our classmates. In addition, students are learning how to read music at a very high level. Looking forward to a music family morning in late spring to show you how we are doing.

Second Grade – We are so excited because we have just begun to play as a full orchestra, working on the song “Three Little Birds.” The students are playing chords on the keyboards, melodies on the xylophones and rhythms on percussion instruments and putting that all together into one piece. We will be taking video of it soon, which we hope to put on our school website.

Third Grade - We have been studying the sound, emotion, feel and history of blues music this year through video, pictures, reading and of course, playing. Now we are at the point where the students have played the full song as an ensemble and we are getting ready to see how we can play the blues with different feelings and tempos.

Fourth Grade – We just concluded our studies on guitar and the students were excellent and quick learners. We performed a song with the whole class called “Best Day of My Life,” and had a great experience getting to the point of being able to play the full song. We also used the guitar to look at each other’s work and offer constructive criticism in order to help each other grow. Now we are working on how to read music.

Fifth Grade – Like the fourth grade, we also just finished our second full song on the guitar called “Beat It.” The kids used what they learned in fourth grade to play something that was a bit more complicated, focusing on how to read different rhythms while strumming chords. Now we are reviewing the basics of reading music and preparing for our graduation performance!!!

School Band and Quest Guitar

Both of our extracurricular music programs are in full swing. Our school band meets three times a week and is dedicated to practicing very complicated music in school and at home. We are working on our Spring Concert, where we will be presenting selections from the movie “SING,” along with the chorus.

Our guitar program has a show coming up very soon in March, where they will be presenting a music and literacy show based around the contributions of immigrants and how that influences rock and roll music. Look out for the dates for both shows very soon.

Much thanks for your support,

Mr. Meyers


PS 182Q 2015 Winter Concert Sampler from Jonny Meyers on Vimeo.

Dynamite, with adapted lyrics (PS 182 School Song). from Jonny Meyers on Vimeo.


PS 182's Whole Music Education

At P.S. 182Q, we believe strongly in the Arts and how a quality education in the arts strengthens the lives of our children. Our music program is called a Whole Music Education, because we try to introduce our students to many different aspects of music making. These include performance, reading and composition, instrumental and vocal music, studies in music theory, music appreciation and music history.

We build our program on a grade by grade ladder, fostering group work and independence from a very early age. The younger grades get their first opportunities to perform as a group, following each other along songs and melodies that range from classic to current material. The middle grades take these performance skills a step further by getting a chance to understand the history of the music they are performing, and to sharpen their performance skills with solo sections, live performance in front of community audiences, and chances to build the skills needed for school band and school chorus tryouts in the coming years. The upper grades prepare for their musical future with studies in reading, writing and composition, while also coming back to the group performance skills they learned in their early grades during performances in school band, school chorus, graduation, talent shows and in the Quest ExpandedED program.

We offer many different programs in music. We are able to do this because of school wide support from teachers, administrators and the parents and families of our students. Our school offers classes Instrumental Music and Modern Band (working on small and large musical ensembles with instruments such as keyboard, guitar, & percussion) with Mr. Meyers, Chorus (vocal music) with Mr. Rustrian, and a special Quest program that focuses on reading, writing and performing original music with Mr. Michael.

Keep an eye out for one of our many performances both at the school or in the community and come see what we do. If you would like to speak with any of our instructors, please reach us at 719-298-7700.

Mr. Meyers - Instrumental Music/Band
Mr. Rustrian - Vocal Music/Chorus
Mr. Michael - Quest ExpandedED Music Teacher


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