Please rank the Intensives you prefer.  Write a “1” on the blank line next to the Intensive you want most.  Write a “2” next to your second choice. Write a “3” next to your third choice.  Write a “4” next to your fourth choice.  Leave the rest blank.


Band, with Mr. Meyers

Please note that students who select this must audition.  Those students who choose Band and qualify will participate in Band for the entire school year.

Are you a lover of music? Can you play a musical instrument? Come and join Mr. Meyers in PS 182’s Band.  In band you will analyze music scores, play ensemble pieces and work out alternative/original arrangements of popular songs.   

Structural Engineering, with Ms. Kaouris

Do you like to build?  Do you like to create?  Do you like to experiment?  Then, join the Engineering Intensive. Design and build towers and bridges. They might soar or collapse. We’ll explore what it takes to build structures strong and sound.

Choral Music, with Mr. Rustrian

Please note that students who select this must audition.  Those students who choose Choral Music and qualify will participate in Choral Music for the entire school year.

Can you imagine a world without music? Do you enjoy singing?  Come and share your gift with the PS 182 Community.  We invite you to join the Chorus.  Strengthen your “instrument” as you learn breathing exercises, and sharpen your ear.  Learn of music from different parts of the world.  Hope to see you there!

Theater Set-Design, with Ms. Negron

Calling all artists! Poets, thespians, singers and writers! We need your imagination and creative minds.  Come and join Ms. Negron and create songs, study songs, and create beautiful and exciting props and sets for P.S. 182’s stage plays.

Tech Squad, with Ms. Finkle

Are you tech savvy? Can you use an ipad or iphone better than most adults? If yes, then join Ms. Finkle as you are taught to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair technical challenges that arise throughout the year with printers, computers and smart boards.  As a Tech Squad member you will get “hands on” experience in the world of technology as well as create a self-help guide for teachers and for your peers. From time to time you may be required to travel between our two school buildings to support teachers.

Basketball Intensive, with Mr. Jelloe

Please note that students who select this must try-out.  Those students who choose Basketball Intensive and qualify will participate in basketball for the entire school year.

Do you have what it takes to be a student athlete? Do you have the skills to be a baller?  Join Mr. Jelloe in the Basketball Intensive.  Our focus will be sportsmanship, conditioning, offensive skills, and defensive skills.  Join us and play in District 28 Basketball tournament in the Spring of 2017.

Yoga, with Ms. Vance

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed? Does your mind sometimes get full and confused?  Would you like to know a system to help with those feelings? Are you interested in forming good habits of health and fitness?  Well we invite you to join Ms. Vance as she explores the lifetime benefits of Yoga!

Puppetry, with Ms. Rubin

Are you interested in making characters from your favorite books come to life? Join Ms. Rubin for the Puppetry intensive!  Here we will craft, envision, and create puppets that represent characters we know and love. We will also perform vignettes for our friends in Kindergarten and First grade.

Toy Making, with Ms. Zelter

Are you creative? We invite you to use your knowledge of math and science to make children smile!  Join Ms. Zelter in the Toy Making Intensive where we will create new toys/inventions and improve on others.

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